Affiliate Program

How Hosting Affiliate Program Works

A legal entity or a natural person over the age of 18 capable of performing legal acts can participate in the partner program.

The partner does not receive a commission for displaying ads, but for arranging an order, which is then paid for and executed.

1. Sign-up to our Web Hosting Affiliate Program

2. Place an ad on your website

3. Earn Commissions for every sale


Remuneration is paid on the basis of calendar months. The minimum amount for payment is € 50. If this amount is not reached in a given calendar month, the balance is carried over to the next month.

We bill on the basis of your request by the 15th of the following month (if the required minimum has been reached). Maturity is 30 days.

Payment may be preceded by verification of your identity and the information entered in your account.

We pay the commission by bank transfer, alternatively by prior arrangement via PayPal. It cannot be sent by check, cash or otherwise.

In your partner account, you will set up personal data (billing data) with the bank account number in the international format (IBAN, BIC-SWIFT).

When you finish your registration and complete all your account details you receive €5 registration bonus from us!

How To Promote Us

  • advertising banners – you will receive from us the HTML code for the selected advertising banner in the selected size, which you will insert on your pages. You have several different standard banner sizes available in different colour variations.
  • commission links – you will receive from us the URL of the link, which you can place where you want and how you want – place on your website, or use in a personal meeting with the client.
  • referral – promote the affiliate system itself with a commission link or advertising space, from each partner brought in this way you will receive 10% of his direct commissions (from his brought orders) for life up to the 3rd level*
  • discount coupons – you will generate discount coupons that you can distribute and publish to the public – visitors brought by you using the coupon will receive a discount when ordering and you will be awarded a commission

*10% in first level, 5% in second level and 2% in third level


The Hosting Affiliate Program contains several restrictions that are directed against dishonest participants and should not normally affect honest ones.

  • Do not click on your ads and commission links (except in person with the client) and do not trick your acquaintances just to increase clicks. Do not order goods and services for yourself or your friends.
  • Do not place advertising on sites with content that is in conflict with the laws of the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic or the European Union, applicable international conventions or good morals, illegal content, pornographic themes, offering the possibility of illegal downloads (WAREZ, MP3, etc.), on websites that link to or otherwise promote such sites.
  • Do not attempt to artificially inflate clicks, ad impressions, or hidden displays of the commission link target (cookie stuffing). Every click on an ad must be aware of the visitor’s activity.
  • Commission links must be used directly in their unaltered form – do not use URL shorteners or redirects.
  • Do not place advertising in the spam or in any other unapproved form of promotion.

Instead of trying to engage in unfair practices, partners spend time and energy creating quality, well-visited sites, increase the likelihood of placing an order, bring in new customers, receive more rewards, and be happy with all parties involved. Unfair activities in the affiliate program will sooner or later come to light. If you don’t have good intentions, don’t even register, you’ll just waste time. We perform careful checks and reject undeliverable clicks and orders.

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